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Who Is Curt Fargo?

I'm the President of Fargo Enterprises, Inc., Vacaville, California with a second office in Ochtrup Germany, running the company from my Vacaville Office. I spend most of my time managing the business but still repair some specialized cameras and audiovisual equipment. Our main business is selling tools and supplies to the camera repair industry, we also manufacture and sell parts for older cameras and projectors.

I became interested in the camera repair industry while on active duty as a Navy photographer. While on an aircraft carrier at sea, I completed a National Camera home study camera repair course, graduating in 1981. After my 6 year tour of military duty I attended college, receiving in an AS degree in electronics and an AS degree in computer servicing. While working on my degree, I was exposed to basic computer programming on a TRS 80. I bought a CPM computer and taught myself dBASE so that I could track my parts and the cameras I was repairing. In 1989, I launched my software program on the market; today it is the No. 1 selling software for camera repair tracking. I then went back to college for an AS degree in computer servicing. Because of my computer background, I do most all of my own desktop publishing graphics work, including my tool catalog.

Being very active in the camera repair industry, I have donated much money and time supporting independent camera repairers. I'm a past president of SPT International and past local chapter President. Fargo Enterprises, Inc. also sponsored free camera repair training seminars for 4 years along with producing the L.L. Service Guides after Larry's departure from SPT.

Now all of that boring stuff is out of the way, here's what I do for fun. As I mentioned earlier, after graduating from E-town (KY) High Classs of 77, I joined the Navy as a photographer and that's what I love. My specialty for 14 years was live entertainers, now aviation. For 14 years I shot about 40 concerts a year for the top names in the entertainment industry from classical to country-western to heavy metal. That became work so I quit, now I mainly do aviation photography for a couple of magazines and friends. I married my college buddies sister Carol, a Vacaville, CA native in 1986. Our only kids are a teddy bear Miles and a cat named Cleo.

I got my pilot's license in 1989 and love to fly. I have since received my flight instructor's license for single engine, multi engine and instrument instructor airplane along with my commercial helicopter license. I got my instructor ratings so that I would have to learn more, making myself a safer pilot. We own a 1968, 180hp Cessna 172 airplane. Flying adds a third dimension to my life. To go along with my flying, I'm a Reserve Sheriff's Deputy for the Solano County Sheriff's Office. Flying the Bell 47 helicopter is my preference, it's twice as hard to fly as the airplane but 3 times as much fun.

From camera repairman, parts and equipment manufacturer, salesman, photographer, and pilot, I'm here to serve.


Curt J. Fargo